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Life to the fullest

Happy Tuesday, How are you all doing today? It sure is pretty outside. The weather is super nice. Started out with a cool, crisp morning and it will no doubt turn into a little bit of a warm day. High expected today of 84. Last night when I walked the pups, my neighbor was sittingContinue reading “Life to the fullest”

The Key

Happy Saturday, How are you all doing this evening? The weekend is almost over, but it’s been on amazing couple of days. Yesterday, John and I spent the day looking at cars, didn’t buy one, but we looked, then we went to dinner with our friends, and we wrapped up the evening at 31 flavorsContinue reading “The Key”

While you can

Happy Saturday everyone, The weekend is here, yippee… it’s going to be an amazing weekend. Chili is made and now to make the cornbread after I finish writing the blog. Oh, just in case you’re wondering, I am co-chair for the chili cook-off for the Woman’s Club here in the lake, and since John hasn’tContinue reading “While you can”

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